Friday, August 21, 2009

Kelley School Partners with Asian MBA organization to launch first annual conference

Kelley School of Business, along with some of the best business grad schools, in New York Sept 10-12 for Nation’s First-Ever Asian MBA Leadership Conference & Career Expo. Opportunities for Asian and Asian American business leaders, professionals and job candidates to network and meet with leading employers from the corporate, government, academic and non-profit sectors that are currently hiring.

Masters of Business Administration Programs will be represented as well as employers from Astellas Pharma, Booz Allen Hamilton, BP, Mass Mutual Financial Group, MillerCoors, Monsanto, Monster, Moody’s Investors Service, National Grid, New York Life, Pepsico, State Farm, Target, United Health Group, among others.

The Kelley School 's Full-Time MBA class has traditionally consisted of over 1/4 international students in recent years and supports a number of internationally-focused clubs, such as the Asian MBA Association.

If you are interested in a degree in business or just networking with leading employers, this is an event that is definitely worth a look.


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