Monday, September 21, 2009

Corporate Finance Academy Week

I recently finished my third and final academy week; it was a wonderful experience.

I have enjoyed participating in the Corporate Finance Academy for a variety of reasons. First off, the academy exposed me to a nearly endless parade of companies - which, in turn, allowed me to explore numerous industries and companies I'd like to work for. This type of customized exposure to companies and finance functions highlights Kelley's status as a top MBA school - and actually attracted me here when I was applying to MBA programs.

Further, as a career-switching MBA student, the academy experience gave me the extra technical training I needed to be an effective financial analyst. The academy weeks also allowed me to showcase these technical skills to companies on campus.

There are important social elements to the academy structure as well. Some of my closest friends at Kelley are other Corporate Finance Academy members who are also doing a MBA in Corporate Finance. These friendships have developed naturally as we've clustered together often over this past year.

And perhaps the most important element of the academy is the individual attention each member gets from the academy director. In my case Scott Smart has been tremendously helpful as a mentor, advisor, and friend. Scott's very keen on helping career-switchers like me get the most of their MBA studies, and leverage that knowledge into a meaningful career.

This final academy week was a nice denouement to past academy events. Students presented on their summer internships and how Kelley helped prepare them to succeed there. We had multiple cases with companies like Intel, Air Products, and Whirlpool. And there was even a chance to let our hair down when we went boating on beautiful Lake Monroe.

Now certainly these academies are unique to Kelley - and really set Kelley apart as one of the best MBA business schools. I'm glad to have been a part of this unique academy experience Kelley can really boast about.


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