Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Excel Wizard

Kelley is the best MBA program for all things relating to Microsoft Excel. The excel spreadsheet modeling classes are literally out of this world. The reason for this rests largely with Wayne Winston, a wizard of math and sports.

It would be hard to have a business school blog at Kelley without mentioning Wayne. He's a genius and knows how to convey his decision modeling knowledge to students. I'm taking all the classes he has to offer as part of my MBA course curriculum because I really believe they increase the value of the Kelley MBA. And how could this not differentiate Kelley as a top MBA school - Wayne literally wrote the Microsoft book for excel and consults companies across the globe and other top-tier MBA programs (like Wharton and Harvard). Yet we here at Kelley have the luxury of Wayne's expertise all the time.

The class I'm in now deals with modeling uncertainty in finance. We solve problems ranging from how Madoff's ponzi scheme could have been easily uncovered to optimizing capital budgeting decisions or boostrapping data and running Monte Carlo simulations.

Wayne recently released Mathletics, which deals with making better sporting decisions using statistics. Surely Wayne has done this in his consulting Mark Cuban of the Dallas Mavericks, another famous Kelley alumnus. If this book is anything like his lectures and other books, it should be a definite read. I know I can't wait to read it.

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