Monday, September 28, 2009

Kelley School of Business Sponsors National Assoc. for Women MBAs Conference

The Kelley School of Business MBA Program at Indiana University is one of the leading school sponsors for the 2009 Conference and Career Fair Leadership Today and Tomorrow in Anaheim, California, October 29-31. The National Association for Women MBAs (NAWMBA) hosts this annual conference to assist women, both students and professionals, as they continue along the journey to develop and enhance their leadership skills.

Top Business MBA Programs and corporations including AT&T, Target and JPMorganChase and more will participate. The conference also includes a career fair and case competition for teams of women from MBA Programs nation-wide.

The Kelley Women organization at Indiana University is one of the most active clubs in the full-time MBA program. The website is a great resource for women that are considering returning to business school or exploring careers. The “Contact Us” section features databases for current women students as well as alumni women contact information. You can find current and former Kelley women by major, background, company, or region of the country that align with your background or interests.


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