Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What can Kelley do for you?

Make you a kick-ass manager/networker/owner/leader over 2 years. That's what.

I'm just over 3 weeks into the Core now and just took my first test last night. It was an accounting quiz and I'm glad to have it over with. Now I get to look forward to the Quantitative Methods (think Uber-Advanced Excel) midterm on Friday, followed by my first event with the consumer marketing academy. I'm so happy to be in that academy because I really think that Kelley offers the best consumer marketing MBA program.

Over the past 3 weeks I've had an intense beginning to my business school education. I have almost no formal business education, having taken just a couple of business classes in undergrad. So I needed an MBA for non-business majors. Kelley does a great job of teaching you the basics in a short amount of time so you can be ready to speed up the pace when the classes get very challenging and start integrating curriculum. Because of that intergration, even if you don't major in it, you get an MBA in Business Management.

And during this time, on top of having class for 4+ hours a day monday-thursday, I've been working 12 hours a week as a graduate assistant in the MBA program office. And on top of that, almost every night brings some sort of networking event, club meeting or social event happening. We've met with 40+ companies in the 3 weeks since classes have started, including Kraft, Nestle, Target, Walmart,, AT&T and 3M.

They truly keep you busy here.

In that regard, Bloomington is a gift. I used to live in Chicago and thought that staying there for an MBA would be great. Knowing how much of a time commitment it is, I'm really glad I came to Bloomington for these next two years. It is a great college town with all the resources you need, and there are plenty of places to go out and have an MBA social life. The reason it's great for an MBA is because everyone in the program is in the same boat. You create such a bond with your fellow classmates and don't have distractions of other people calling you to come hang out or go out with them. You can dive in 100%.

And that's exactly what I've done so far.


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