Saturday, October 24, 2009

Academy Week Update: Procter & Gamble

Now we get to the final stop on the whirlwind academy week tour: Cincinnati for a visit with P&G. Kelley alumni have a huge presence at P&G and their success is one of the reasons we are regarded as the best consumer marketing MBA program.

We got into our hotel (located across the river in Covington, KY) in the late afternoon on Thursday. After a quick rest at the hotel, our group of top MBA students headed to Bar Louie to network with some Kelley alums who work at P&G. It was a great opportunity to get their perspective on P&G, marketing, getting an internship, and which classes in the MBA course curriculum to take next semester.

A few of us skipped the bus back to the hotel so we could stay and network some more. Afterwards, we did a small "foodie" tasting tour of Cincinnati. We went to Graeter's for some ice cream and then went to Skyline Chili. It was my first time having both and they were fantastic. Chili and ice cream go so well together...

The next morning we got to P&G's headquarters in Cincinnati and started on a busy day filled with a huge amount of great insight into marketing from one of the biggest marketing organizations in the world. All of the speakers were IU Alumni, showing how we are the best marketing MBA program.

We first heard from Chad Brizendine '08 and Scott Deal '02, who talked about marketing Febreze and the launch of Febreze Sport. Next we heard from some of the Kelley alums in P&G's Consumer & Market Knowledge (CMK) group. They showed us how they conduct research into a consumer's behavior and emotions in order to market a product designed for their needs. They led some MBA student activities where we got to interview (or be interviewed) by a classmate about our use of tissues. We then broke into groups and analyzed the results and what they say about how to market tissues.

Our group then broke for lunch and in groups of 7-8 networked with a P&G marketer who is a Kelley alum. My group got to talk with Carrie Costello '05, who is the Brand Manager for Gain. We talked at lunch and then got a tour around some of P&G's offices. We got to peek into the archive and then saw where the beauty marketers sit and where laundry care marketers sit.

We finished off the day by hearing from Ryan Dullea '05 and Carrie Costello about how to evaluate advertising creative work and how to work with an advertising agency to get the best creative work possible. Since my background is in advertising it was really interesting getting P&G's perspective on the process. They view their agencies as partners and really respect their opinions and place in the process.

Overall a really fantastic day at P&G for our group of business school MBA students. A great way to end a whirwind week where we met with 6 companies (all that hire top ranked MBAs) and traveled through 5 states.

Time to rest up this weekend and prepare for a very busy next week. I'll update you next time about picking classes for next semester, preparing to run on an MBAA slate, and conducting mock interviews to prepare for internship interviews in January.


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