Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Academy Week Update: The Wienermobile!!

Academy Week is really making it clear why IU has the best consumer marketing MBA program. The company visits this week are providing us with a unique view on how successful marketing managers make decisions and what employers are looking for from us as marketers.

Yesterday we started in Bloomington and had a presentation from Kraft about how to "use your marketing gut" and really listen to what the consumer wants. Then, use that to judge your creative messaging. Kraft/Oscar Mayer is so great at reaching out to us. We have many former MBA students working there and their successes are examples of how we are the best MBA for marketing.

After that the fun really started. A couple of the Oscar Mayer HotDoggers came into town with the Wienermobile! They parked it right outside of Kelley and then anyone who sang the theme song got rides in it. My group impressed with some original choreography and got to enjoy the roomy bucket seats and take the Wienermobile named "Bologna" for a spin around campus. We abused the loudspeaker system a bit and made lots of jokes about "buns" "catch up" and "relish".

After the ride and some lunch, we boarded a bus headed to Chicago. Luckily, the bus has WiFi so I can update this Business School Blog. The hotel they put us up in was really nice and was right downtown in Chicago. Pretty sweet view from the room too:

We had the night free in Chicago so a bunch of fellow MBA program students and I went to RockBottom brewery. My old roommate and a couple other friends came down to meet up. It was a great night with old friends meeting new ones.

Stay tuned next time for a recap of our Tuesday visits to MillerCoors and Jewel-Osco!


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