Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Busy Week, even by Top MBA Program Standards

It is now in the middle of week 7 in the Core, which some of us jokingly refer to as "Hell Week". Outside of case competition and finals week, the assignments this week count for the highest percentage of our Core grade. Here's what's due this week:
  • Marketing Memo based on a case we've read
  • Accounting "Return on Equity" ratio analysis
  • Quantitative Methods Homework #3
  • Finance midterm take-home test
  • Finance in-class midterm
While it is a lot of work, the benefit is that it's forced us all to rely on our teams. Delegating and divvying up the work is a requirement to make it through this week.

The collaboration between all the MBA program students has been fantastic. Among schools offering MBA programs, Indiana is known as one of the most collaborative.

Also, having to work on assignments for a bunch of different subjects really helps the career change MBA students, such as myself. I'm taking charge of the Quant homework to get some more experience in that area. I plan on being an Excel wizard by the time I get out of school!

So count down with me....only three more days until "Hell Week" is over and Academy Week is upon us!

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