Monday, October 19, 2009

Diversity in MBA students

One of the key things you look out for a in a top business grad school is diversity and variety in the student body. Business school education is as much about what you learn from your peers outside the classroom as what you learn within.

Kelley places a huge emphasis on encouraging and nurturing diversity within its student community. At Kelley, diversity is not just the presence of students of different nationalities, but the harvesting and sharing of their cultural wealth and their business acumen. I have been fortunate enough to have interacted with some of the top MBA students you could ever hope to have as peers and learnt quite a lot.

Apart from the class room, there is a vibrant international element in the composition of MBA student activities. Just this past year alone, as part of MBA student activities, we had the pleasure of witnessing Japan, China and India nights which had students from those countries showcasing their nations' heritage, customs and of course the delicious cuisine! In an increasingly global world, Business school MBA students need to be aware and sensitive about different cultures and their nuances. Kelley, with its reputation for being one of the best Business school MBA program prepares us extremely well in this regard.

This whole ecosystem of appreciating and encouraging other cultures plays a huge role in making international students feel completely at home and allows them to fully realize their potential at Kelley. Kelley for me has been a phenomenal experience it feels amazing to be part of a program where in you are feted and treasured for the diversity you bring to the community!

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