Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Finals, Football and Friends

The last week has been busy for business school MBA students at Kelley! The first quarter of classes wrapped up last week so of course that meant one thing- finals! While finals at college MBA programs are typically pretty tough, this year for me was a mixture of exams and papers. Being that Kelley is one of the best marketing MBA programs, the marketing classes are a real challenge, but the hardest final of the year came in Spreadsheet Modeling for Marketing, which is taught by Professor Wayne Winston. Professor Winston is a real character, and he recently wrote a book called Mathletics. It was really interesting to learn about the publicity events he took part in during this semester, but the final exam for the class was less than fun!

Once finals were over it was time to enjoy the lovely fall weather in Bloomington and spend some quality time with friends. As my fellow MBA blogger Molly Lyon's wrote in her blog a few weeks ago, Bloomington is absolutely beautiful in the fall. There are two State Parks within 30 minutes of Bloomington and I have been hitting the trails with friends every weekend. It was also the 30th birthday of one of my good friends this weekend, and that of course called for a huge birthday party! While the average age of a Kelley MBA student is 28, there are many students who are in their 30's. No matter the age of the top ranked MBAs at Kelley, we were all excited for finals to be over and to have fun at the 30th birthday party! Here is a picture of my roommate and me right at the start of the party:

The party turned out to be a total blast, and the birthday girl was happy to have spent such a big day with her MBA friends. After recovering from the party, it was time to get ready for the next quarter of classes. However, there are already some Halloween parties in the works, and I think the weekend will be here in no time. Check back next week to see the pictures of costumes!

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