Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gotta Love Technology!

Today's business mba blog will be an expression of my extreme glee, in how much I appreciate technology both at school and out!

Thanks to technology it has made my life as a business school student so much more managable! If it was not for technology, the pursuit for a MBA management degree would be more difficult and be an extreme challenge.

I'll take an example of a day so that I can help you understand what I mean:

7 AM: Before I even get out of bed, I am responding to emails through AOL, Gmail, and IU's Outlook Exchange -- Emails that are connecting me with people in CT, NY, MA, CA, AZ, Antigua, St. Thomas, and India; all before I even brush my teeth... I also check my Outlook Calendar to see what the day holds.
8 AM: I catch up on news in Antigua and CT.
9 AM: I jump in my car and tune into my Sirius/XM radio and jam to the vibes as I prepare myself for my day at school
9:30 AM: While in class, I jump onto Oncourse, so that I can pull the guidelines that we need to review for the project that's due in a two weeks-- Oncourse is an online tool that we have access to as students that has all of the information we need for our classes minus our text books.
10:30 AM: Text message my sister to see how her new job is treating her
11:30 AM: We utilized Groove, within our team to collaborate on all of the sections of the business plan to ensure that we were all on the same page!
12:45 PM: Order Jimmy Johns and get it delivered straight to the room, I'm in
1 PM: Ran a practice dry-run using one of the classrooms for a presentation for a class -- at Kelley, a top ranked MBA colleges, most of the rooms in Kelley have projectors, computers, laptop connections, cable access, vcr/dvd/cd capabilities, and some rooms even have teleconferencing capabilities
2 PM: I sat in the middle of our atrium to connect with a current first year to help them prepare for interviews at a conference and we used the school's wireless capabilities to show them a couple of resources online and we printed some things out all while sitting down completely wireless.
3 PM: I learn more about blogging and how to create blogs like this one
4:30 PM: I have a virtual meeting through Skype with one of Kelley's staff member who is currently in Peru regarding GLOBASE
5 PM: I kill some time by tooling around Facebook (catch up with friends) and LinkedIn (connect with potential employers, classmates, and colleagues at other masters of business schools) & then end up arguing with some friends about why Twitter is wack!
11 PM: Once I finish up my school work for the day, I end up jumping on Hulu to catch the latest episode of Heroes, Fringe, or Family Guy

By the time I'm ready to go to bed, I throw on my neo-soul streaming station so that I can peacefully fall into slumber...

As you can see technology is something that we interface with on a regular basis, think about this in the perspective that I laid out and it will actually shock you how dependent we have become on technology!

I know that the high tech industry is definitely something that is of interest to me -- if it something of interest to you, feel free to join IU's JCEI and School of Informatics at the Bay Area Information Technology Professional Networking Series

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