Monday, October 12, 2009

Kelley Kids

In past posts, I may have mentioned I'm in a top business grad school with a family. One of the MBA student activities that gets a lot of my time is Kelley Kids.

Kelley Kids is run by spouses of MBA students who also have kids. Activities happen each week. Weekly activities include playdates, potlucks, trips to the zoo or the world-class children's museum in Indy.

We had a bonfire and hayride this week, enjoying charming and beautiful Brown County. On the docket are a Halloween and Thanksgiving party. The events are well attended and have been immensely beneficial for my wife and kids. Not only has it strengthened their network and support system in Bloomington, but it has allowed us to get together with other MBAs and their families in a relaxed setting.

Kelley Kids underscores how supportive the MBA administration is for students in a variety of life situations. And though Kelley Kids certainly won't be a factor in the business school rankings, it has helped make my 2 years here all the more enjoyable.

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