Sunday, October 4, 2009

Kelley students collaborating, and then competing

One of my favorite aspects of the Kelley School of Business MBA Program is that the students are extremely collaborative, but also enjoy some friendly competition. This culture was very evident to me this past week as I spent hours mentoring first year students and then engaged in some inter-class games at the tailgate on Saturday.

I mentor four 1st year MBA students who are members of the Consumer Marketing Academy, and so far it has been a very rewarding experience. This week I met with each one of these top MBA students to review their resume and listen to their goals and aspirations after graduation. My job as a mentor is to ensure each student is prepared for interviews so that they can all land their dream internship. I have enjoyed sharing my networking and interviewing experiences with my mentees and it has been a great way for me to reflect on how much I have grown as a person in the last year. I can promise that there will be more to come on the progress of my mentees and how I develop my own leadership skills this this business school blog!

As one of the nation's best marketing MBA programs, there are a wide variety of companies that come to campus to recruit. Even in this bad economy, 100% of Consumer Marketing Academy students had internships this past summer, which is an amazing feat. I believe credit has to be given to Jonlee Andrews, the Consumer Marketing Academy director and the team at Graduate Career Services for all of their help. I believe the personal attention that Kelley provides to students really differentiates this program from other top business grad schools across the country.

And now for the fun stuff; the tailgate! The Hoosiers faced the Ohio State Buckeyes this weekend at home for a night game. The tailgate started at about 3pm and some "friendly competition" was underway within an hour. I am proud to report that my team won 4 events in a row, but we lost before making it to the finals.

The tailgate as a whole was a blast though and was attended by about 150 MBA students. Unfortunately, the Hoosiers did not win the football game that night, but I think everyone had a great time regardless. The Homecoming games takes place in two weeks, and the countdown as already started for the next tailgate!! I love MBA student life!

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