Monday, October 5, 2009

Let the interviewing begin

This week marks the wonderful beginning of the fall recruiting season. I'm always amazed how many companies are committed to Kelley and recruiting Kelley MBAs. Surely the consistency of these recruiters to return to Kelley year in and year out helps differentiate the school. I'd even go so far as to say that Kelley's alumni relations and career services support is well orchestrated on a variety of levels.

1. It provides resources/mentoring for students switiching careers. That was vital for me as I transitioned from real estate to a MBA in Corporate Finance.

2. The parade of recruiters for the major disciplines is impressive. Specifically, the number of companies recruiting for marketing and finance is worth touting. Just a glance at the sheer number of consumer marketing positions evidences Kelley's positions as one of the best Consumer Marketing MBA programs. But the number of finance companies is strong as well. Traditionally, the number of corporate finance positions have exceeded the number of MBAs. And though the current economy strains that statistic, graduate career services is continually courting companies to campus, which helps maintain Kelley's national ranking.

3. The career counseling is individualized - both generated from career services and the academes. I've benefited from multiple individual career brainstorming sessions.

And though it's a tough economy, the current interviewing atmosphere encourages me.


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