Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Teamwork at Kelley

It's hard to have a MBA student blog - at least here at Kelley - without mentioning how vital teamwork is to each student's success and classroom learning. And while teamwork isn't structured per se into the MBA course curriculum, it definitely helps hold the school together.

I remember visiting with the former MBA Chair, Jim Wahlen. He stressed over and over how collegial (and not cutthroat) the students are at Kelley. And he was dead on! It's not uncommon to head down to the MBA student lounge or atrium and see dozens of teams engaged in discussion or working on projects.

The academies are a major source of collaboration as well and really set Kelley apart as a top business grad school. The first-year students are in the middle of their first academy week. I spoke to them yesterday about my internship and could see the benefits of their collaboration already. I know I benefited greatly from my association and friendships in the corporate finance academy.

Yet the students aren't the only ones exhibiting this contagious collegiality. Faculty have a standing open-door policy that really is open door. The faculty's collaborative focus is unique; the professors here are not only great teachers and researchers, but they are sincerely interested in the success of the MBA students - and students know it. When I had an idea on modeling future commodity prices, a professor offered to take me under his wing and tutor me about forward prices, seasonality, etc. And I could repeat a similar story with nearly every class and every professor.

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