Monday, November 30, 2009

Back from Thanksgiving Break

As I flew into the Indianapolis airport yesterday, I was glad to be back in Indiana, but I knew classes at the Kelley School of Business would be back in full swing in no time. This is the time of the semester at top MBA business schools when finals take place and papers and projects are all due. As top MBA students, I think most of my classmates are ready to give it their all in the next three weeks to ensure final grades meet expectations.

However, there are a lot of events coming up in the next couple of weeks that should be fun. Between China Night, the Kelley Women's holiday party and a handful of Hoosier basketball games, the upcoming weeks will be busy with of MBA student activities.

Probably the hardest part of the semester coming to an end is that I know my MBA experience is almost over. I can't believe how quickly the past three semesters have gone by, and it is really sad to think that I will be leaving Bloomington and all of my friends in a few months. But right now there is no time to get teary eyed in my MBA student blog- I still have to finish my homework for Monday's classes!

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