Sunday, November 1, 2009

Business Etiquette Dinner

MBA student life can get a bit stressful at times with endless projects, submissions and assignments and it is vital that there are enough alternate student activities programmed which not only act as a stress buster but also teach business school students some real-life soft skills. As one of the nation's top ranked business graduate schools, Kelley offers a constant stream of avenues available to students to constantly better themselves professionally. This is quite essential as top MBA students are not only supposed to be on top of their game in the classroom, but also outside, where potential recruiters continuously evaluate and judge their conduct.

This past Tuesday we had organized a business etiquette dinner which was intended to give Kelley MBA students an insight into the nuances of formal dining. Organized by the consulting club, Asian MBA and the Latin MBA, this was a unique event where in students were guided step by step through a delicious 6 course dinner (for just $10!!). The host was Joseph Boes, a business etiquette consultant at Indiana University (IU) who pulled off the 2 hour session with great humor and wit. This also was a particularly useful session for international students as for many of them it was their first introduction to formal dining Vis a Vis the American cuisine.

All in all it was a wonderful occasion with more than 70 students showing up to enjoy a great dinner and of course a wonderful dinner host as well.

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