Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Leading a trek of MBA marketing students

To start off the Thanksgiving break, I led a group of 4 of the best consumer marketing MBA students on a trek to Boston to visit with Hasbro, TJX, and Staples. While TJX and Staples were fantastic and we learned a lot, I think that undoubtedly the highlight of the trek was visiting Hasbro. It's hard to beat a company headquarters that has a 20 foot tall Transformer on their "Main Street".

Our host for the day was Ana Dachroeden, a Kelley alum who is the Global ABM on Play-Doh. She started by giving us an overview of Hasbro and how they market themselves globally and leverage their brands in entertainment vehicles. Then we heard from some summer interns who got to stay on to work in the Fall.

The creator of the Game of Life was in the office because it's the 50th anniversary of the game's creation.

Afterwards we saw their video and photo studios where they shoot ads and the Fun Lab, where they do consumer (kid) testing of their toys. An amazing building with a huge amount of resources to show off to our group of MBA consumer marketing students.

Lastly, we were able to meet with Ana's boss for a brief interview, and met briefly with HR about the process to apply for an internship there. I am looking forward to the fantastic opportunities they have there!


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