Monday, November 2, 2009

Questions about a MBA

I had a ton of questions when I was applying to various MBA programs. Certainly the choice to pursue the MBA degree is an important one, and it's important to have answers to the dozens of questions you, or your family, or your boss may be asking. Here are a few questions I had, and some of the answers I came to.
  • Why should I consider Kelley? Kelley really is a top MBA business school. I've touched on this before. The faculty here are awesome, the classes amazing, the collaborative culture refreshing, and the career placement is excellent.
  • But I'd have to live in Southern Indiana? True, we're not downtown NYC. But Bloomington is a robust cosmopolitan college town, bustling with excitement, culture, and flavor. There's always exciting things to do here; for example, I have tickets tonight to the Wizard of Oz.
  • What's Bloomington like for families? The school and community are family-friendly to the max, ranging from Kelley Kids to activities at the local library to the weekly farmers market to the fix-it-yourself bike shop downtown. There are always activities for families with young children.
  • What is Kelley's most known strength? Kelley is one of the best marketing MBA schools - whether a strategic marketing MBA or MBA in marketing management. That's not to say that finance guys, like me, feel left out. The finance classes here are robust in their own right.
  • How do you know which top ranked business graduate schools you should consider? Look into the ones which fit your career objectives, fit your personal style, and ones where you feel comfortable learning, exploring, and growing. I think you'll find Kelley easily includes a variety of prospective students.
  • All of these questions and more can be answered by visiting us here at the Kelley of Business. Feel free to drop me a line, reach out to me or other students, and let us know how we can help you answer some of your specific questions.

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