Monday, November 16, 2009

Trivia Night

One of the best things about Kelley is the close involvement of the faculty with students. The faculty here is extremely approachable, friendly and stands ready to help you with anything you might have. The interaction is not just restricted to the classroom and more often than not you see them turning up at weekend social events. Top ranked business graduate schools are all about a sense of togetherness and this close interaction between the students and faculty at Kelley really stands out for me.

We had an international business trivia night this Friday which was hosted by Wayne Winston, one of the most recognizable and popular faculty faces at Kelley. The turnout was absolutely amazing with more than 80-90 students crammed into the venue. The great part about it was that the questions were about various countries and subjects thereby ensuring everyone had fun.

The questions ranged from who was the first woman prime minister of an Islamic nation to Warren Buffet's investments and tested the general awareness of students. The competition was intense but Kelley students being what they are, there was a sense of camaraderie and fun with teams complimenting each other for good answers.

Prizes included cash prizes as well as signed copies of Mathletics by Wayne Winston. It was one of the best social events organized and all credit to the International Business Society headed by Jonelle Lofton and Prof Winston for pulling it off.

P.S: No we did not win, although with "Tiago's Tigers", I personally felt we had the best team name!


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