Saturday, December 5, 2009

China Night

One of the best parts of our nationally ranked MBA program is the prevalence of international students. Last night we had China Night hosted by our program's 38 students from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. It was fantastic from beginning to end.

We started out with a buffet of Chinese food. The kung pao beef was really good. I definitely had seconds! My friend Rob got this awesome fortune in his fortune cookie:

Then after the buffet there was an amazing performance in our atrium. Kelley has the most talented top MBA students! I was so impressed with the singing, dancing, and cultural learning! Professors got involved too. That's our program chair (and core Econ professor) Phil Powell in the top photo with the two dragons. Another core professor, Rockney Walters, also got up and did some great dancing. He was mo-mo-ing!

Other MBA program students got involved with a Tai-Chi demonstration, a skit about cultural differences when doing business in China, and some great bamboo dancing. I want to be involved in China Night next year!

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