Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Entrepreneurship at Kelley

I'm not sure I'm a natural entrepreneur: I'm risk averse and perhaps more analytical than creative. But during my time at Kelley, surrounded by smart entrepreneurial classmates, I've begun better cultivating some of my venture leanings.

The entrepreneurship opportunities here are everywhere:

  • Many of my classmates seek a social entrepreneurship MBA, which includes a social entrepreneurship certificate.
  • Others utilize the Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship, and the flood of ideas coming from there.
  • Just last week, IU's President announced the creation of a $10 Million Venture Capital fund on campus.
  • Dr K's hands on leadership in the Johnson Center helps make Kelley the top Entrepreneurship MBA program in the country.
I've had increasingly frequent discussions with classmates about beginning a venture. And though this could be 10-15 years down the road - the atmosphere at Kelley promotes the creative exchange of ideas. And in my case, it's helped open my mind to entirely new different business world.


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