Tuesday, December 8, 2009

First Years vs Second Years--MBA Student Soccer Showdown

On Saturday a team of First Year MBA students took on a team of Second Year MBA students at the Bloomington Sportplex in a game of indoor soccer. It was another of a series of friendly competitions between the first years and second years. The first years won the football game, the second years won trivia, and in this one the second years were victorious again.

They were in control for most of the game and won 6-2. As a team they got most of the 50-50 balls and were just a bit bigger and more aggressive than the first years.

This event is a great example of some of the fun competitions we have at our top MBA business school. These events provide a good view of the day in the life of an MBA student and of the fun team atmosphere we have at Kelley. MBA program students planned all of these events and funding came through the student government. We will continue to be a top ranked business graduate school because our students love planning these amazing events.


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