Friday, December 11, 2009

Running the Gauntlet

Yesterday was the last day of classes in The Core, and today we start a run of 5 finals in 8 days. It's known as The Gauntlet and is a real test for even the top MBA students. Here's the schedule:
  • Friday: Marketing
    • At one of the best consumer marketing MBA programs it will not be easy
  • Saturday: Accounting
    • The textbook written by our teacher is used at top MBA programs across the US
  • Monday: Operations
    • Talking to the second-year students this one was the toughest one last year
  • Wednesday: Finance
    • When even the best MBA finance students are worried it's not a great sign
  • Friday: Economics
    • Taught by MBA program chair Phil Powell, I will just want to be done at this point
So it's time to run the Gauntlet. It will be tough but I will survive.

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