Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Understanding consumer values through Marketing

This week I had the chance to participate in some hands on marketing research for one of my marketing classes. The assignment involved interviewing a colleague to determine the values they associated with toothbrushes. I know it sounds like a strange assignment, but it was interesting to see how if you ask a person why they like their toothbrush and keep asking why each attribute is important, they will actually arrive at a value that the consumer holds about their life. In the toothbrush example, the end value was that my interviewee cares about social interactions. Who knew your toothbrush could mean so much?

As one of the best programs for MBA Consumer Marketing, there are a host of excellent marketing classes that are available to students of any major. One of my favorite classes has been the Strategic Marketing MBA course, which is taught by Professor Neil Morgan. The class is great for career change MBAs because it focuses on business strategy across numerous industries and knowledge about many different business functions is needed to fully analyze each case. Professor Morgan also teaches another great class at Kelley, which is Brand Asset Management. The class gives students insights on the value of a brand name, and the final project revolves around doing analysis to come up with your own value of a global brand. The final benefits of Professor Morgan's classes: he is a true character and has incredible passion for his line of work.


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