Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Coming Soon in April: India Night

The first poster for the upcoming India Night event in April graced the MBA student lounge today. The poster features a dancer performing Kathakali, which literally means "story-play". It is one of the ancient dance-theater forms popular in the South Indian state of Kerala. My parents are originally from Kerala, a state known for its beautiful beaches and landscapes filled with coconut trees. In fact, the state is popularly called "God's own country".

India Night is part of a series of International Nights held throughout the year by the Asian MBA Association - a celebration of the culture, and the cuisine of the country. Kelley School of Business, like most top Management of Business Administration programs, has always encouraged diversity. Even the best MBA degree would be incomplete if you do not take the opportunity to learn about the culture of the diverse international student community. The last event, China Night, was a great success. You should check Joe's post on our MBA Program Blog about the event that was last December.

Preparation for India Night has begun in full swing and I am sure that the event will be exciting. You should also check the India Night 2010 Website Salaam-Namaste. Some videos from previous India Night events are posted there. In India, Salaam Namaste is a welcoming gesture expressing appreciation and gratitude. The creatively designed tickets look more like postcards. And each one includes an interesting fact about India. I invite you to visit Kelley on April 16, 2010 and witness the event!

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