Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Finding and Becoming a Great Mentor

The best MBA degree doesn't just prepare you for the analytical components of your career going forward but also the soft skills as well.

That is why I was really excited for Kelley Women's first speaker series of the year on the Role of Mentors for Women. The session was lead by Dr. Linda Dunn-Jensen, an assistant professor for the MBA Management Program and Director of the Life Sciences MBA Academy, and Ms. Ann Bastianelli, a senior MBA Consumer Marketing lecturer.

They both shared their professional experiences on how mentoring has shaped them, both being a mentor and a mentee. Linda discussed the technical aspects of mentoring, such as how to identify a mentor and build a close relationship. While, Ann spoke more about the experiential side of mentoring, such as how to gain the most value from your mentor.

As a best MBA university, Kelley has a lot of mentoring built already into the program: I have a peer coach and a MBA Consumer Marketing Academy Coach. However, when we leave the Two Year MBA Program the mentoring will not be so structured. MBA Student Activities like this one offer crucial information for our success in the workplace after we graduate, I know I will definitely be putting Linda and Ann's teachings to use this summer!

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