Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kelley MBAs Review Superbowl Ads

As one of the country's top MBA Marketing Schools, students at the Kelley School of Business this week met to review Superbowl ads and determine which companies had the best return on investment for their ads. The event was arranged by the Marketing Club, and the mediator for the event was one of our career counselors, who happens to be an ex-P&Ger. About 60 top MBA students attended the event, and the discussion was certainly lively. In general, our favorite ad was the Google "Love Story" ad, because it was clear, focused on the Google brand, and captured attention. My personal favorite was the Betty White Snickers ad because I thought it was not only really funny but also captured the true benefit of Snickers (satisfies).
The debate around the success of Dove Men + Care was very heated. Many of the men in the room were Dove users, and they were unaware that they have been using a "women's" product. However, with so much success of late for beauty products targeted towards men, it is easy to understand why Dove invested so heavily in the brand during the Superbowl. I know that MBA program students really enjoyed the event, as we got to learn a little about each other as well. I will keep the details out of my business school blog, but lets just say that some people enjoyed the CareerBuilder "Casual Fridays" ad a little too much....


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