Monday, February 22, 2010

On Campus Internships

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One of the reasons why students consider Business School MBA programs is because they are looking for that one dream company or position that they want to be in.

Last week was the official end of on-campus internship interviews for the first year MBA students. Most of the students looking for a career switch were interviewing with their target companies. It was an eventful season with a large number of firms, who came for summer internship positions in Strategic Marketing, Finance, Investment Banking, Consulting, Supply Chain and Operations. Considering the tough economy, the students were not only competing with other students in the MBA program in the Kelley School of Business but also against students from the best MBA programs across the nation.

The faculty, academy directors and Graduate Career Services worked hard to ensure that the students were well prepared for the interview season. Mock interviews, discussions on interview questions and case discussions, helped the students gain confidence for a formal interview with the company of their choice.

Many have been successful in landing that lucrative summer internship position which would be their stepping stone into the company. I wish all the students Good Luck and hope they do a great job during the summer!

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