Thursday, February 25, 2010

Starting the off-campus job search

Well folks, unfortunately the on-campus interviewing didn't work out for me. There was a huge amount of competition from other Kelley students, as we do have the best consumer marketing MBA program.

So, I've switched over to off-campus networking and job searching. While I wish that I knew where I was going this summer, I am confident that I will find a very good internship in consumer marketing.

Also, the big advantage of having to go through the mba off-campus job search is that I will learn skills that will help me in every job search I have to do for the rest of my life.

Over the next week:
  • I will create a list of 30 companies that have MBA marketing internships and that I want to work for.
  • I will tier those companies into a top 10, middle 10, and bottom 10.
  • I will make 20+ contacts in the next week and work on coverting those into at least 8 informational interviews.
Additionally, Graduate Career Services and the Consumer Marketing Academy have provided some great resources to those of us still looking for an internship:
  • A networking buddy program, pairing me up with a student with an offer who will help me track my networking progress and set goals each week
  • Sessions on best networking practices and how to make off-campus contacts
  • Tutorials on how to best use LinkedIn and Kelley inCircle to maximize your network-based internship search.
I will keep you updated on the search. Also, make sure to check out my mba program blog in the upcoming weeks on CMA Academy Week #2 and my trip to China!

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