Sunday, February 28, 2010

USA Hockey and Capstone simulation

If Business Week ranked MBA programs by the amount of cheering for USA Hockey, Kelley would be killing it after today! We had 8 people in our living room watching every second of the USA/Canada gold medal hockey game and rooting like crazy. Just a great time!

Unfortunately, after tying it up very late in regulation, the USA lost in overtime...

On more traditional MBA topics, we're preparing for our capstone business simulation. All of the 2nd year MBAs are assigned to teams, and we spend the week running a simulated business through an Excel program. This is a real opportunity for everyone to show off why Indiana is the best MBA degree, and how it's prepared us for the real world. Since I am an MBA finance major, I'm most interested in the financial statements and stock price reports for the simulation. However, I'm really interested in working with some of the best marketing and operations students in making our version of this company a success. This is a chance to be a real entrepreneur within the MBA program. This is another reason why Kelley is such a great MBA program for non finance majors from undergrad, and students without corporate experience...the program really prepares you and tests you to make decisions in a meaningful setting.

When you are getting ready to leave an MBA program, you're making a big transition. Most of the past 2 years have been spent in classrooms and working on carefully structured problems. Once you leave the program, you're working in a corporate environment without structured answers, and with a great deal of accountability. This week will be one of the first chances in a while to be thrown into a team and have to deliver results. I'm especially interested to have so much cross-functional information to sift through, and have to trust the marketing MBA students to interpret those results, and so on. It's pretty daunting to think that in a few months my life will consist of a series of projects similar to this capstone simulation. More than our bottom-line performance this week, I want to develop my teamwork skills for my future job. I am very grateful that Kelley, like the other top MBA schools, really understand and teach these skills, as well as technical ones. It feels strange to have basically hit the "pause" button on my life for 2 years, and now be ready to hit "play" again!

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