Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Veteran MBAs

On Friday I got a call from my Army Reserve unit at Camp Atterbury and volunteered to help out with an event at the Colt's stadium in Indianapolis. It was a great time to bond with my new unit and also got me thinking about vets and MBA programs.

Pick up the recent Business Week MBA rankings and you'll see a listing of the best programs at the best schools. You may even encounter specifics about consumer marketing or management consulting but rarely will a reviewer mention which programs offer the best support for veterans. However, most veterans who attend top business schools do so with a few years left in their Mandatory Service Obligation (MSO), meaning they still owe the military a few years of service in a reserve capacity. Even if your mandatory service obligation has expired, its often quite difficult to drop everything and leave the military life behind you. Browse through some old pics (like the one of our old 2nd platoon below) and you miss the camaraderie and support.

I chose Kelley because of the personal touch and support I received both from the administration and from current veteran students. The Kelley Veterans Society really made me feel like I was leaving my old unit in D.C. for another group of understanding and supportive men and women who understood where I came from. The Veterans Society supports both 1st and 2nd year Vets not only through career services (resume, networking, conferences, etc) but also through other challenges in school such as scholarships and military commitments.

I'm also extremely proud to say that in addition to Indiana University's recognition, the Kelley School of Business MBA Program earned special recognition above and beyond IU Bloomington from G.I. Jobs Magazine as a Military Friendly School for 2010.


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