Monday, March 1, 2010

Academy Week

With the finals over for the first seven weeks of the Spring Semester in the Graduate Business Program, time has come for the second academy week of the year.

The schedule for the Corporate Finance Academy looks extremely interesting and challenging at the same time. Cases for different companies and guest speakers from the industry make our schedule intensive for the next one week. This week gives students a chance to utilize their knowledge gained during the core and the first half of the spring semester, in a safe but real environment provided by the academy. The opportunity to interact with Senior Leaders from top firms in the country and to hear their views on the economy and current market conditions is one of the most important benefits of being a part of the Best Business Grad School.

Some of the other academies such as the Consumer Marketing Academy and the Business Marketing Academy are planning to visit different companies in Chicago and Minneapolis. As part of the Corporate Finance Academy, I had a chance to visit the High Tech firms in California during the first academy week in October. The academy experience is one of the best features in the Kelley School of Business.

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