Thursday, March 11, 2010

Adventures in Chicago...

This being spring break of my 2nd year in the Kelley MBA program, I decided to spend it with my wonderful girlfriend in Chicago! Plenty of time for me to work on a couple projects during the day, and see more of this great city. It's definitely a contrast with Bloomington...Bloomington is more of a college town, and you can really still experience the city along with the top MBA program! If I was getting my MBA in Chicago, I don't think I'd be able to enjoy the city as much as I'd like. It's great to visit, and get some new material for my MBA program blog!

First of all, I hope all my friends from the Kelley School of Business are enjoying their trips. I have friends in Italy, Ireland, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Korea, Israel, Egypt, Dubai and even good old Bloomington! I'm getting to see lots of pictures.

Second, let me let you know what I'm up to! My girlfriend and I went to a lovely Italian restaurant in Lakeview, Angelina's, for dinner. After she spends her days at work and I work on some classes/projects for my finance major, it's nice to get out. We went running by the lake today, as the weather got very nice in the evening. I'll have pictures up later this week!

Like many of the dedicated finance MBA students already have, I am going to try to visit the Chicago Board of Trade next week. I figure I could get some great pics for my MBA student blog, and get a good view of that type of job. Even though I am getting into corporate finance, I am sure it will be interesting. Hopefully they still allow tours...

Alright, it's getting late and I should head to bed. I will update again this weekend with more of my spring break shenanigans!

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