Sunday, March 28, 2010

Back to classes...

Well, my last 7 weeks at the Kelley School of Business have now begun. I am taking 2 classes, plus doing an independent study in decision support modeling. It's amazing how quickly the MBA program has gone by! I've been through so much, but luckily I'll have everything wrapped up in a few weeks. It's definitely much easier facing the end of the program with a job offer accepted. Adding to that is the fact that Best Buy just had a great earnings announcement, and is doing really well. I'm really looking forward to starting there in July! But first, let me tell you a little bit about my classes and plans for the next few weeks.

First, I have finished all my classes for my MBA finance major, and am now finishing up a management major and decision support modeling minor. I am taking a class in Data Mining, as well as Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation. I have no experience in data mining, working with programs like SQL, so I am really glad to be learning that stuff. It also goes well with my Visual Basic for Excel class I just finished. I'm trying to integrate some of that know-how into data analysis, and really create value in my job through that. I'm also excited about the management class, since it focuses on managing organizations which deal with short life-cycle products...just like Best Buy. I should be really well prepared for my career, if I can pay attention and learn something.

However, my business school blog doesn't just cover business school stuff. I'm also planning on spending some time with my friends and my wonderful girlfriend over the next few weeks. My girlfriend lives in Chicago, and is likely headed to Germany for work this summer. I am trying to spend as much quality time with her before she leaves as possible. However, I also really want to spend time with my friends, who I may not see much of after this summer. We've got a fun Kentucky Derby trip planned, plus some trips to Indianapolis. Hopefully we can all enjoy May and June after graduation, and finish off our MBA experience together. This will be our last chance to live the MBA student life! I'll keep updating the blog with our plans, and let you know what's going on with me.

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