Monday, March 1, 2010

The Battle of the Grad Student Bands

While many graduate students at Indiana University have unique talents, there are a select few who have special musical talents, and these skills were on display this past Friday night. Three bands took the stage at a local bar to perform to their classmates in the first annual Battle of the Bands. The Kelley School of Business had two bands in the show, and both rocked (literally). The challenger was a band consisting of law school students and I will give those guys a lot of credit for their ability to play classical rock. However, it was the guys from the graduate business program that really stole the show. The 2nd year band, pictured below, has been playing together for about five months.

Lead singer Steve Morgan even invested in some leather pants to really embrace the theme of the show (to his wife's embarrassment). Steve is a career change MBA, having worked prior to business school on and off Broadway. He is now an MBA finance major, and will be working for a bank in Cincinnati post graduation. I am not sure how often Steve and the other band members will be able to use their musical talents in the future, but I can't wait to their next show later this spring!

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