Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chicago Board of Trade Trip

So, while I am visiting Chicago, my girlfriend suggested I go visit the Chicago Board of Trade. As a MBA finance major, it sounded like a pretty good idea, so I booked a visit. Normally they only take tour groups, but they added me on to another scheduled tour...and when that tour was late, I basically got the red carpet tour to myself! Let me tell you, you can't imagine how busy that place is! There are traders packed in these pits, shouting and signalling to each other...all of them in colored vests, many of them with monitors harnessed around their necks. 5 years ago, before I pulled my big Career Switch MBA adventure, I wouldn't have imagined I'd ever be seeing this. Now, I could one day spend some time in those pits! It just shows you how you have no idea what direction your life will take.

Unfortunately they don't allow pictures inside, but picture 50-60 people in 250 square feet, shoulder-to-shoulder. It amazes me that an archaic system like complicated hand signals determines how millions of dollars flow. I'm in awe of my fellow MBA finance students who are heading into that area of really have to be on top of all this scattered info every second of the day. That's why finance makes the big bucks :-)

I've been busy the past few days working on some basketball stuff and checking out NCAA action...seeing as I used to work in basketball, I'll have a blog post or two this weekend about the NCAA tournament. I hope your favorite team is doing well, and Go UK!


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