Monday, March 29, 2010

Chicago networking event

This will be a shorter blog, since I am in Chicago without my laptop power cord this weekend. A big topic for 2nd year MBA's is our job after graduation. 1st year MBA's also have to sweat out their internship offers. MBA student life is constantly filled with thoughts of future career plans, and the MBA office along with student leaders and alumni got together to put on an event to help current students do some targeted networking in Chicago this weekend. The gist of the event is that Kelley alumni in Chicago would come to this event to represent their companies and meet current 1st and 2nd year students. For students interested in working in Chicago, this is a great opportunity to meet companies who haven't come to campus. It's great to have alums who are willing to help students find their careers in this difficult economy, and to have student and faculty leaders willing to step up. Events like this are what help make IU a top MBA school.

As I already have a job, I came to this to meet some alumni in the area and support some of my friends who are still looking. With my girlfriend living in Chicago, it was an easy trip that could be productive. I also got a chance to hear Wayne Winston talk some more. One area I have been considering is using my MBA finance major and a career in corporate finance to transition into investment management down the line. I spoke with a couple finance professionals, and was encouraged that a career in corporate treasury could lead me to investments.

This event had amazing attendance by seemed like over half the program was there! It's tough to have enough companies for 200+ students, but I really hope some people got good leads and these companies hire some of my colleagues. Being part of the program at Kelley means you do care what happens to your classmates, and I hope they all can find great opportunities!

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