Thursday, March 11, 2010

Classes in the Spring

I am mid way through the second seven weeks of the Spring semester. The courses I am taking are Introduction to Spreadsheet Modeling, Marketing Performance and Productivity Analysis, Asset Valuation and Strategy, and Advanced Information Systems Management. I wanted use my MBA Program Blog to give you a quick introduction to the courses.

Introduction to Spreadsheet Modeling taught by Prof. Wayne Winston provides the foundation for solving problems commonly faced in business situations. One of the exciting features of the class is the trivia questions he asks. If you get the right answer, you get a chocolate! “Archimedes” helped me get one so far!

Marketing Performance and Productivity Analysis taught by Prof. Jonlee Andrews provides great insight into improving marketing productivity through analysis of concepts like market size, market share and market segmentation. Prof. Andrews is the Director of the MBA Consumer Marketing Academy and the Associate Chair of the Masters of Business Administration Program. Her analytical approach to Marketing often appeals to MBA Finance Students as well.

Asset Valuation and Strategy taught by Prof. Andrew Ellul is a deep-dive into concepts like portfolio theory, risk and asset pricing models. The course is required for MBA Finance Majors. Prof. Ellul is an extremely passionate about the course he teaches and sets very high standards.

Advanced IS Management is a course taught by consultants from Deloitte’s Information Management practice and provides real-life examples of projects involving business intelligence, data management and analytics. Experts who have worked on the projects relevant to the subject area teach the course. It is a great opportunity to ask questions and bridge the gap between theory and practice.


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