Monday, March 22, 2010

Climbing the Great Wall with Kelley MBA Students

One of the highlights of my trip to China was scaling the Great Wall with some of my fellow MBA students. We started our trek up the Wall at around 10am, not knowing how many students from the best MBA university would make it to the top. We were bundled up in our winter clothes and panda hats (which a top consumer marketing student had negotiated for the day before at the Temple of Heaven)

While it was cold and icy at the start, as we made our way up the steps towards the top it got sunny and pleasant. It was the first time we had really seen the sun since starting our trip in Beijing!

After climbing up the steps for about an hour we finally reached the top and could take our group photo with the IU flag! I got a solo photo in a triumphant pose.

So an amazing journey up to the top and a fun time coming back down the mountain. It was really special to share it with my classmates and create a memorable (and picture-filled) post for this MBA program blog.

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