Friday, March 5, 2010

Consumer Marketing MBA: Academy Intensive Week 2

MBA Student Life is never boring, especially during the MBA Consumer Marketing Academy 2nd Academy Intensive Week. As we did a bus trip to visit companies this fall we stayed in Bloomington and had the speakers come to us.

On Monday, our speaker was Ralph Blessing, Managing Director of Chicago Office and Senior Partner at GfK Strategic Innovation (and a Marketing MBA Major alum). He talked about his career and some of the amazing products he had a chance to work on: Coppertone Sport Continuous Spray, Degree Antiperspirant, and Axe to just name a few. He explained the needs approach that GfK uses to help develop products to fill in shelf "white space." It was a really great presentation and it got even more interesting when we went through the process to create a new product.

Tuesday was a presentation on working with agencies and creative. It was a really helpful session to help understand the relationship between BMs and creative and how to get the best work out of them. We learned about what makes up a creative brief, and then were put into groups to analyze a print ad and reverse engineer the creative brief. Each team then presented to the academy so we could dissect the brief and see which ad best fit. And as our presenter, Eric Bauchet, was from Whirlpool the day would not have been complete without some Maytag ads and comparison to LG, GE and Electrolux in the space.

Wednesday was my favorite day though by far! We had Sarah "Intellagirl" Robbins speak to us about digital marketing and social media. It was an amazing presentation and now tons of CMA MBA Program Students are on twitter. Power of technology (and Sarah) Gotta love that she is a faculty member here, that's what makes us a Top Ranked MBA School.

Thursday was wrapping up some of our other academy activities and then we were given free time to work on our projects. My team had a call with Whirlpool to update them on our project and then it was home to keep working! It was a long week, but I learned a lot but that should be expected at great Two Year MBA Program.


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