Thursday, March 25, 2010

Embracing Twitter to understand Social Media Marketing

As a new semester of classes start at the Kelley School of Business, I am very excited about the social media marketing class that I am taking. As a one of the country's best MBA marketing programs, the class is a key ingredient to ensure Kelley grads know how to execute social media marketing campaigns. Utilizing social media is obviously a growing trend for nearly all companies and I think the general thought is that few companies are really using the tools effectively. The instructor, aka Intellagirl, is challenging us to analyze existing social media campaigns during this semester, but we will also be creating our own campaigns for a variety of global and local businesses. Our first challenge is to see which team of students can obtain the highest number of new followers on Twitter, and yes this is a shameless plug to follow me on Twitter @kzo333. I will admit that up until now I had not been an active Tweeter, but that is about to change! So if you enjoy reading my business school blog, you may also enjoy learning about what I am up to when I'm not blogging and I will also be Tweeting with my classmates about our class, #M595. Happy reading!


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