Monday, March 29, 2010

Financial Modeling Training

Last weekend the Investment Banking Academy hosted Training the Street for leveraged buyout modeling training. It was fantastic.

One of the reasons Indiana was the best MBA university for me to choose was that Kelley designed an Academy system that allows more specialization, particularly in your first year.

The Academy system is quite simple. In addition to a basic Core similar to all top MBA programs, Kelley first year students identify a focus they'd like to pursue outside of regular classes from a list here. Their Academy consists of like minded students and faculty that meets throughout the first and second year with special programs and networking opportunities to sharpen your industry knowledge and support system prior to your internship or full time job.
Most MBA finance students at Kelley choose between the Investment Management Academy, the Investment Banking Academy, and the Corporate Finance Academy. This specialization allows people interested in specific industries to practice. For example, MBAs in the Investment Management Academy can spend a friday focusing on stock pitches and research while people like me can learn how to model a debt sweep in an LBO transaction.

I can't speak highly enough about the academy system. It was instrumental in helping me and many of my classmates secure full time offers in financial services or whichever industry they desired.


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