Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hearing it from the roommates, and Wrestlemania

This wasn't a great weekend to be a Kentucky basketball fan. Saturday the team laid an egg and lost to West Virginia in the Elite Eight, missing out on a Final Four trip in Indianapolis (and a possible trip by me). I was in Chicago visiting my girlfriend, but that doesn't mean my roommates didn't take the opportunity to give me hell about it. First, every time Kentucky played someone during the tournament, they would email out to everyone about rooting for the other team. However, after the loss, they got pretty creative. I came home to a sign on our front door making fun of UK coach John Calipari. Then I went bedroom door was covered in signs like the following:

So basically, my roommates are all jealous of a real basketball program. Notre Dame, Virginia Tech, even Indiana...not getting it done. While UK may not be the best MBA university around, they know basketball. Too bad for them. It looks like UK is going to bring in another epic recruiting class this year, and they need to! They're probably losing 4 or 5 guys to the NBA Draft early. Ridiculous.

On Sunday, my girlfriend went with her mom to see Beauty and the Beast (the musical) while I was in Chicago. This gave me an opportunity to check out Wrestlemania 26, only one of the great spectacles of the year in fake sports. I don't think it's usually a big favorite of MBA finance students, but I got my roommates into it. I streamed it online for free, kicked back, an enjoyed. Here are some of my thoughts:

-Thank god John Cena is champ again...he is ridiculously popular
-How is Randy Orton getting cheered by anyone? He's one of the most convincing bad guys in years
-There's no reason any human being should not enjoy watching a ladder match
-Too bad Shawn Michaels is retiring...he's been one of the best in the business for years
-The Undertaker may have great themse music, but is anyone ever honestly excited to have him in a match? Where did all the casket matches go?

I would love to be a wrestling manager. Too bad there are no courses in that at the Kelley School of Business.

Finally, I couldn't care less about the Final Four now that UK is eliminated. However, I am not sure why West Virginia isn't getting more love...they play ridiculous defense, and are ultra-athletic and tough. This has probably been the least business-y MBA student blog ever.


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