Thursday, March 4, 2010

How do you keep an MBA grounded? Make them run a fake business...

Wow...after you spend 6 years having to take emergency loans and watching a simulated stock price drop, you begin to question whether you deserve to be at one of the best MBA colleges in the USA! In all seriousness though, the 2nd year students at Kelley have spent this week running a simulated company in a program designed for MBA programs. I think most of the students would agree that it's a unique experience that's seen a pretty wide set of results.

For the career change MBA's (like myself) it's a unique chance to make corporate decisions. Our MBA classes, whether in finance, marketing, operations, or management give us exercises that are pretty siloed...that is, you deal with one area at a time. This simulation integrates the disciplines, and give you an idea of what it's like to make decisions for a company. My group has seen mixed results, with some years showing great profits and others taking big losses. In real life, I probably would have been fired! Luckily, the MBA admission office didn't make me do this before I got in! It does feel good to turn it around and have a really great year...and our last year so far was our best yet!

On a more fun subject, our spring break starts Saturday and runs until the 21st. While some MBA's at Kelley are going on trips overseas (China, Dubai, Israel, Ireland for starters), and others are currently studying overseas, I am going to be broadening my horizons by visiting Chicago and Bloomington. I will keep you updated during my "travels" with pictures and stories!

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