Monday, March 1, 2010

Inspiring all girls to be STRONG, SMART & BOLD

MBA Student Life is never boring! This Friday, I took my Accounting final and then met up with some of my fellow Kelley Women MBA program students to volunteer at our local Girls Inc, an organization that empowers girls to become responsible, self-reliant, successful women. Sounds like future Kelleys!

Girls Inc. gave us free reign to plan an hour long workshop with their girls that focused on some aspect of business. We planned an activity for the girls that incorporated a lot of the skills we have learned at our Top Ranked MBA School. We created a deserted island that each girl had to decide what they wanted to bring...then for the twist: they could only bring half of what their team wanted. That's when we got the girls started on their MBA Management Degrees, we made them negotiate with each other to pick the best items for their island and make concessions with each other. It was straight out of the Negotiations MBA Course Curriculum! The girls seemed to enjoy the exercise and really got into it.

Participating in MBA Student Activities like this with my fellow Business School MBA Students really makes my Two Year MBA Program great!


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