Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My version of travelling abroad

Like any other top MBA school, many MBA students at Kelley study abroad in their 2nd year, or over their spring break on KIP (Kelley International Perspectives) trips. A hallmark of these trips are the photo albums filled with images of their adventures. These include unique experiences and meals, and are a great way to keep up with your fellow students. They are also a great way to make everyone jealous that their spring is spent in classrooms, instead of exploring culture in another country. To add something unique to my MBA program blog, I came up with a stunt worthy of a consumer marketing MBA (not the typical stoic finance stuff!): I'll treat Bloomington (and my trips to Chicago) like a study abroad! Here are some of my recent adventures!

After the Capstone simulation finished up (record profits in year 8!), I was very happy to start my spring break exploring Bloomington and Chicago! Up first, my girlfriend visited from Chicago to experience Bloomington, home of the best MBA program! :-) Saturday and Sunday I took her to some of my favorite places in Bloomington. First up, 4th Street and its selection of international restaurants. In a town of 120,000 people, it would be hard to believe that there would be a Burmese restaurant, 2 Tibetan places, and a Vietnamese eatery...but that's Bloomington! If there was an MBA program for entrepreneurs specializing in international cuisine, Bloomington would be a great case study. Saturday we ate at Amol India. We had chicekn curry and chicken tikka masala, along with a plate of various fried meats and vegetables. We got it a little on the spicy side, and it was delicious! We spent some time walking around and checking out the different tastes available. Just amazing! Any visitor could stop on 4th Street and find a place for their tastes.

Sunday we got sushi from Mikado...spider rolls and spicy tuna rolls! Because of Indiana's large Asian student population, there are several sushi places in town, all of which are quite popular. Watching the Oscars and downing sushi is exactly the way I like spending my Sunday nights.

Monday, we went to breakfast at a local institution, the Scholars Inn Bakehouse. Everything is amazing there, and all the MBA students I know absolutely love it. Unlike some other top MBA schools, Kelley School of Business is very integrated into Bloomington. Its local institutions are a part of what makes the program special. Breakfast at the Bakehouse is one of those things.

I moved near downtown this year, and being able to walk to all these places is a lifesaver. It's really allowed me to enjoy the unique parts of Bloomington, and has made my MBA program experience richer. Bloomington is just a wonderful college town, and it makes the Kelley School the best MBA college for me!

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