Sunday, March 14, 2010

Never seen so many people wearing green

My spring break trip in Chicago continues! As you may or may not know, St. Patrick's Day is a huge celebration in Chicago because of the large population with Irish heritage. What I learned today is that the Saturday before St. Patrick's Day is a de facto holiday here too. The river was dyed green for a few blocks, and EVERYONE had on green except my girlfriend and I. I wonder if some of my friends with an MBA in consumer marketing would like to make a killing here in a weekend! Here's some pictures of crowds:

By the way, when I decided to chronicle my spring break trip in my MBA program blog for the Kelley School of Business, I never imagined I'd be including pictures of hot chicks...but here they are:

Ha! But in all seriousness, being here for the week has helped emphasize the difference between MBA student life and the life of your typical 20-something. Being at a top MBA school really does prepare you for the level of professionalism required in a real career. It's been amazing how working with other students at Kelley gives you an appreciation for maturity. In a few months we will be embarking on careers where we'll eventually be making important decisions for large companies. When you learn the intricacies of high-level business, you also have to understand not just the mechanics of business but also the characteristics of a successful leader. I'm not just getting an MBA in Corporate Finance...I'm learning how to solve problems, be accountable, and get results. So many of my classmates who are not career change MBA's really have understood that, and I am learning it as I go. I think that's one of the big advantages at Kelley...not just the details of a business education, but also understanding how to be a more effective businessperson.

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