Monday, March 22, 2010

New Classes for the Spring Semester

The two week break was a welcome relief after the first 7 weeks of the spring semester in the two year MBA program.

During the spring break students went all over the world as part of the KIPs (Kelley International Perspectives) and GLOBASE program. Some students also went on individual trips. China, Isreal, Iceland, Egypt, Dubai, France, India were some of the places visited by my friends.

After the relaxing two weeks we are back in Kelley (Bloomington), excited about the new classes for the next 7 weeks. Being a Finance student, I have a number of classes on Valuation and Financial Strategy. Some of the other classes include Introduction to Spreadsheet Modeling by Professor Winston (which I am really excited about) and Market Performance and Product Analysis by Professor Jonlee Andrews. New classes with new teams for assignments make everyday challenging during the MBA professional degree.

Students majoring in marketing, supply chain, accounting etc are concentrating on courses directed towards their respective majors. Some of the classes being offered during the spring are Marketing Strategy, Brand Asset Management, Applied Marketing Research, Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation and Supply Chain Management and Technologies. One of the most popular courses is the one offered by Prof. Winston, with about 240 students in the class.

It is good to see everybody back from their trips and even though the two lazy weeks in Florida were amazing, I am glad to be back in school.


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