Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pushing Limits: Back in Action!!!!

I have definitely been remiss in keeping my MBA Program Blog up to date, I'm bringing it back for your reading pleasure...

Please allow me to reintroduce this blog since my hiatus has been so long. During this journey for my MBA, I find myself constantly being stretched and pulled in ways I never thought possible because of the challenges placed before me through academics, extra curricular activities (both at Kelley & IU), and even through my MBA social life!

I hope it can continue providing insight to those thinking about B-school and sharing why the Kelley School of Business may be an ideal school out of the multitude of options for masters of business administration programs. As well as entertain those going through B-school currently, recent graduates, and those who may just be curious about what happens within the walls of business schools.

I definitely don't want to hog the limelight either, be sure to check out these other Kelley MBA Program Blog s as well:

Katie - Class of 2010 -
Katie is focused on Marketing for her MBA and is definitely one of the cooler people in our class! Click on her blog to learn of her exploits here at Kelley.

James - Class of 2010 -
James is also focused on Marketing for his MBA and though not as cool as Katie makes up for it in other ways! (i.e. humor - definitely funnier than Katie). Click on his blog to see just how cool he is.

Joe - Class of 2011 -
Joe is also focused on Marketing for his MBA (Can you see the trend?) Joe's a first year, but we won't hold that against him, check out his blog by clicking on his link above.

Hope you enjoy the upcoming entries, for "Pushing Limits"!


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